Boom Parties

For boys and girls aged 7 - 16
Popstar party

You and your friends will feel like PopStars. Prior to the party, you can choose your favourite song to sing and record. CD invitations will be sent to you, with the song choice on, so that your guests can get to know the song before the party day. This is also a really cool way to be invited to a party!

On the party day, you will begin with a Champagne Reception and VIP passes for the ‘recording studio’. You will then be introduced to the Producer and Singing Coach. With a professional vocal warm up, your guests can feel confident and calm in an atmosphere of fun and creativity.

Once the song has been rehearsed and the birthday boy or girl is happy, you will record the song using our special recording equipment. While the Producer is working their magic on the new track, all PopStars will go into Hair and Make up, so they are ready to take to the catwalk for their photo shoot to go on the album cover.

Each guest will receive a copy of the CD sent in the post shortly after the party. (approx. 1 week)

For girls aged 7 - 14
Pamper party

This Deluxe Pamper Party is the ultimate in relaxation and sparkle for all princesses wanting to feel and look like a star. Your guests will be joined by 2 ‘Big Sisters’ who will offer personalised Hair Styling, Make-Up and Manicures.

Once the Make-Over is complete, the guests can enjoy their new look with entertainment hosted by their ‘Big Sisters’. And that’s not all, with a Champagne Reception and a Chocolate Fountain, the Boom Pamper Party is a real treat.

For girls and boys aged 7 - 16
Music video party

This is your chance to put those dance shoes on and strut your funky stuff! Not only will you learn a routine to your favourite song, you will also get to film your very own dance video with all of your friends!

You will be joined by a choreographer who will teach you some cool moves and then direct a music video to show them off. The camera man can make the video look great, but to help the stars of the video look the part, you will have hair and make-up done before we begin filming.

Each guest will receive a copy of the DVD sent in the post shortly after the party. (approx. 1 week)

For boys and girls aged 7 - 14
Hollywood party

All the world’s a stage in this Hollywood Party for budding Stars. All your guests will take to the red carpet and be greeted with a Champagne Reception and a VIP pass.

Each child will have a Glamorous make-over with Hollywood make-up and hair styling. When the set is complete, the acting begins with an acting masterclass who will teach the art of Theatre and the Big Screen through games and scenes from the movies. This is the perfect opportunity to show off some real talent and get the cameras rolling.

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